Metering Valves

VM 1D Series Metering Valve

VM 1D Series Metering Valve

 VM Metering Valves

  • Slotted handle allows flow setting adjustment with a screwdriver
  • Lock screw locks out flow setting
  • Stem threads are isolated from system fluid
  • Handle stop mechanically helps prevent damage to stem and orifice
  • Stem O-ring seals system fluids
  • Tapered stem tip controls gas or liquid flow rates accurately
  • Body materials are forged stainless steel 316 or brass
  • Straight and angle patterns
  • Standard panel mounting

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Cert Auth. Type Cert Number Issue Date Expiry Date PDF
DK-Lok Corp 1. VM Series Metering Valves Product Overview Catalog No. VM-5 2017-08-01 Download
GOST VB16 Series Integral Bonnet Needle Valves C-KR.AE41.B.00044 2013-11-23 2013-11-23 Download
GOST VM Metering Valve C-KR.AE41.B.00044 2013-11-23 2013-11-23 Download
RS VM Metering Valve 13.00185.313 2013-01-18 2018-01-18 Download