Electrical Heat Traced Wire + Accessories

A heat trace system is an electrical system used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels by the use of wire. DKC offers a range of Voltages and Powers to fit your needs.

TRCR increases or decreases the heat output in a self-regulating way depending on the change of the ambient temperature, so a thermostat may not be necessary in some applications, and it will never overheat or burnout even when wrapped over itself (overlapped). 

It can be used for plastic or metal pipe freeze protection and flow maintenance of pipes, tanks, valves. It also can be used in roof and gutter de-icing applications.

All EHT accessory's are stocked as well; from banding coils, fiber glass tape, insulation kits and warning labels. 

We hold the c CSA us approval which encompasses all of North America. 


Commonly stocked sizes include...

120v, 10w

240v, 8w --- 240v, 10w --- 240v, 12w 

All other combinations are available; please Click Here to send us a request!