RCQ Series Receptacle Quick Connector

RCQ Series Receptacle Quick Connector

DK-LOK RCQ series receptacles fully comply with and are certified to the ANSI/AGA/CGA/ NGVl and ECE R110 standards for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) fuelling connection devices. They are designed for permanent mounting on a compressed natural gas vehicle (NGV).

DK-LOK RCQA receptacles utilize the NGV l profile which allows complete interchangeability to any fuelling nozzles conforming to the NGV 1 standard

  • RCQA series Receptacle design to meet the NGVl profiles and delivered with integrated non-contact check valve
  • RCQA series Receptacle complies with NGVl in dimension and performance.
  • RCQB series is specifically designed for CNG refuelling of bus and truck and delivered with integrated particle filter of 50 micron and non-contact check valve
  • RCQA and RCQB series are for fast-fill and time-fill dispensing

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