Offshore and Onshore Oil & Gas

DK-Lok Corp process control and instrumentation fittings, valves, manifolds, and flexible hoses are suitable for oil and gas exploration, offshore and onshore platforms. DK-Lok Corp's valves and fittings provide excellent service in safety instrumented systems, wellhead control panel, and emergency shutdown where compressed air or natural gas is most available utilities.

DK-Lok Corp meets stringent customer requirements including desert severe weather conditions for onshore and offshore fields in well production with its excellent leak-tight products fabricated out of 316L, 904L, Monel, and conforming to NACE for material specifications.

Chemical, Petrochemical & Process Instrument

Various applications are involved in the chemical and petrochemical industries where research labs, pilot plants, analytical instrumentation, and process control instrumentation require the accurate and precise measurement of pressure, flow, and temperature. For those applications and operations, DK-Lok Corp's set of products are produced in consistency and in tight-tolerance which provide excellent service. 

Reliable DK-Lok tube fittings, pressure relief valve to protect the line from over pressurization, check valves to protect the system from any back flow, and strainer-contained filters to prevent any impurity in the system are available which conform to NACE for material specifications. To back up clients, DK-Lok Corp's stocking distributors with qualified site-support technicians are available in 40 countries.


Production of Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Marine Fuel Oil, etc. in the refinery complex requires high performance / trouble free products in process control and instrument systems. 

This industry is also quite busy for on-going development of new products; for the outstanding performance and a comfortable driving experience of vehicles, they try to provide superior fuel for enhancing vehicle's power and acceleration, reducing noise and vibration. 

DK-Lok Corp's excellent range of process control, instrument fittings, and valves satisfy and exceed the requirements of the refinery industry.


Analytical industry requires truly leak-tight system that helps provide reliable and accurate output. DK-Lok Corp's DQ series quick connector, DK-Lok tube fittings, V66 series Relief valves, V33 or VA33 series check valves, and V76 series Tee filters have been recognized by global leading clients as excellently performing products.


CNG powered passenger NGV vehicles, buses, trucks, CNG filling station including CNG compressors, and CNG long tube trailer industries have recognized DK-Lok Corp products as the most reliable products. 

Application onto CNG & NGV requires unique design of products taking care of the frequent pressure up and down in the temperature of – 40 to 120 oC. DK-Lok Corp ball valves, filters, bleed valves, and receptacles provide a unique dynamic sealing design with specially developed CNG compatible seat & O-ring materials where conventional static sealing valves are not working. 

DK-Lok Corp holds the international certifications of ECE R110, ECE 67, CGH2, ISO 15500, ANSI/AGA, ANSI/IAS standards & regulations.

Power Generation

DK-Lok Corp's DK-Lok tube fittings, instrument pipe fittings, valves, manifolds, and flexible metal hose provide extremely reliable service in Power Generation including Nuclear power, Thermal Power, Combined Cycle Power, Diesel Engine power, Gas Turbine, and Desalination Plant. DK-Lok Corp's acquisition of ASME N, NPT, and NS stamp certifications puts us in excellent position, especially in the nuclear power industry. 

Many clients rely on DK-Lok Corp's extensive experience and knowledge accumulated so far through home and overseas power plant construction for safeties, and higher level of efficiencies.

Shipbuilding & Marine Engine

DK-Lok Corp's engineered products to fit maritime working environments have been heavily applied to shipbuilding and marine engine industries. This brings us almost exclusive & unrivalled position in the industry where our products are proved excellently servicing in the awkward applications of high vibration, sea-water, and impulse. Many maritime clients specify DK-Lok Corp products that are currently being supplied to the international shipbuilding class of DNV, Llyods, GL, BV, NK, ABS, and KR.

Equipment & Machinery

Various OEM equipments, power pack, machinery, test stands, and medical units industries use DK-Lok Corp's process control and instrumentation fittings, valves, and metal flexible hose widely. 

The excellent performance of DK-Lok Corp products contributes enhancing the reliability to those various machinery and OEM products.


In order to keep pace with the world-recognized Korean semiconductor industry, DK-Lok is continuously conducting R&D to improve the product quality of semiconductor related high precision Fittings & Valves.

Railway Vehicles

DK-Lok products are used in the railroad industry, which has recently gained attention as an eco-friendly means of transportation. We provide superior products and services keeping in pace with today’s rapidly changing endless competition era.