DK-Lok Canada's Indigenous Peoples Initiatives

In November 2017, DK-LOK CANADA Executives approved the decision for the company's Procurement and Human Resources functions to make targeted efforts to be inclusive of First Nations & Métis businesses and people. It was decided to focus first on the establishment of FNM procurement initiatives and follow with FNM employment initiatives. To date we are pleased to have positive working relationships with Nekaneet Developments, Primrose Resources, and Des Nedhe Group. 


Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business (CCAB)

DK-Lok Canada is a proud non-Aboriginal member of the CCAB. With the largest Indigenous Marketing & Sales Team of any valve and pressure fitting manufacture in Canada, our company is proud to support Indigenous peoples by providing exciting careers and community investments. 

First Nations & Métis Procurement Policy

DK-Lok Canada's FNM Procurement Policy outlines the steps our company takes to support FNM businesses, including taking proactive approaches to identify, match contracts, and providing positive consideration in bid evaluations for FNM content. DK-Lok Canada is also committed to developing internal support measures for the FNM procurement policy, including Indigenous Awareness Training for DK-Lok employees involved in FNM contract scopes and tenders.

First Nations & Métis Human Resource Policy

DK-Lok Canada's FNM Human Resource Policy outlines the ways in which DK-Lok works to support FNM employment initiatives, including creating a respectful and representative workplace that supports diverse values and cultures, and to create customized strategies to attract, recruit, develop and retain people of First Nation & Métis descent. DK-Lok Canada is also committed to educate employees about cultural diversity in Canada and to provide Indigenous Awareness training.

To learn more, view the complete details of DK-Lok Canada's First Nation & Métis Procurement and Human Resources Policies.