Tubing has many benefits against piping:

  • Pipe threading and welding is more difficult to disassemble and re-assemble
  • Piping requires skilled workers for welding & threading
  • Piping is more bulky
  • Tubing is quick to assemble with simple wrench make-up on tube fittings; assembly time and overall cost of installation reduced
  • Tubing is bendable and allows for lower presser drop with fewer connections; reduces costs with less fabricating manpower

For the best performance with DK-LOK fittings, DK offers ASTM A269 and A213 bright annealed DK-LOK tubing 1/8 in. to 1 in. OD with the following features:

  • Seamless and suitable for bending and flaring
  • Free of scratches, drawing, dirt, and dust and other contamination
  • Chemically cleaned and passivated surface
  • Cold drawn and bright annealed
  • Hardness 80HRB or less

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Cert Auth. Type Cert Number Issue Date Expiry Date PDF
DK-Lok Corp Stainless Steel Instrumentation Fractional/Metric Tubing Product Overview Catalog No. TS-05-S 2014-07-01 Download