DK-Lok Is The Premium Cost Effective Swagelok Alternative

There is no need to sacrifice superior quality for the sake of price when choosing DK-Lok fluid system components. DK-Lok products are precisely designed for leak-free connections in high-pressure, severe service applications. DK-Lok offers a cost-effective, ultra-high quality alternative to the commonly known brand, Swagelok.

Rigorous quality assurance inspections and testing confirm that DK-Lok is fully interchangeable and inter-mixable with Swagelok. Click here to see our ASTM F1387 test results and our Liability Statement.

Both in-house and third party ASME regulated testing certifies that DK-Lok is fully interchangeable with Swagelok fittings due to the manufacturing and process of:

  • Threads
  • Material
  • Make-up distance
  • Bore
  • Sealing integrity
  • Surface finish
  • Design
  • Pressure ratings

Guaranteed Swagelok Alternative

Copies of the following documents are available upon request.

  • DK-Lok Corporation provides a Liability Statement/Warranty to confirm that intermix/interchangeability of DK-Lok and Swagelok tube fitting components are reliable and leak-free under the governing ASME requirements. 
  • DK-Lok can provide ASTM F-1387 supporting test procedures and documented results when intermixed/changed for all critical sizes and in every possible combination, fully witnessed and signed off by a certified ASME authority.

  • Age-long concerns caused by sales propaganda and fear-mongering related to intermix/change scenarios concerning DK-Lok & Swagelok type components can be put to rest; the industry now has a genuine alternative that is fully warrantable and certifiably tested under ASME guidelines.

Swagelok Alternatives & Equivalencies 

Not only can DK-Lok copiously look after your fitting requirements, DK-Lok's valve line-up covers most all Swagelok valves dimensionally and technically. In addition, DK-Lok offers many superior alternatives that help enhance overall system performance and reduce cost. DK-Lok has proven to seamlessly integrate into existing facilities that have been dependent on the Swagelok brand for decades, as well as introduce new problem-solving products.

Please visit our DK-Lok Products pages to view our Swagelok equivalencies and/or alternatives. Contact your local DK-Lok sales center for more information. We have Swagelok alternatives for:

If there is a Swagelok equivalency product you are looking for and haven't found on the site, please contact us.