DK-Lok Canada stocks an incredible selection of In-Line Filters and Tee Filters.  

In-line filters are used where space is limited and elements don’t have to be replaced often.  DK-Lok Canada offers compact in-line design on our filters offering a large filtration area for maximum performance.

Our Tee Filters safety union bonnet design for high pressure rating is the best in the business. Offering an optional bypass for sampling or purging of process fluid a feature highly desired by many industries.

All of our filters are easily accessible and locally stocked in Canada via our DK-Lok distribution network throughout Alberta, in Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer, or across the country in on of our warehouse and distribution facilities in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. 

Our team provides unmatched customer service and superior project management skills in order to fulfil any in-line filter or tee filter requirement that a project may have.